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Our Portfolio

At Investmen India we present innovative investment solutions for every client duly customised for them...
  • Investment Distribution Services: Equity PMS/ Mutual Funds/ FDs/ Bonds and NCDs/ Tax-Saving Investments

  • US Equities Investing for Indians and NRIs & Global ETFs

  • Goal Based Investing

  • Life Insurance Planning and Implementation

  • Health Insurance Planning and Implementation

  • Fixed Deposits/Bonds and Debentures

  • Loans and Advances (Home Loans/ Personal Loans/ Loan Against Property)

We believe that every customer is unique and they come with their specific needs and investment goals. As there cannot be one medicine for all illnesses similarly there cannot be one investment solution for each and every client's need. They all differ in terms of age, family background, social stature, income levels, risk taking capacity and a host of other qualitative and quantitative parameters that we believe is very essential before we come to investing. 

We also believe that investing is just not a one of activity which is done and it is over. No, it won't suffice its true purpose of serving a client's need when they need them. This calls for goal based investing which materializes over a period of time. Most of the times these goals are life-stage goals such as:

  • Kid's Higher Education and Wedding Plan;

  • Buying your Dream House;

  • Buying your Dream Car;

  • Personal Retirement Fund;

  • Medical Emergency Fund;

  • Contingency Fund (Unforseen & Unplanned Expenses);

  • Family Holiday's Fund.

All these goals requires time and a sizable chunk of savings to actually realize these goals as per the life-stage timelines. Most of the people fail here in keeping pace with life and its challenges from time to time and person to person.


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