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We all want to lead a good life for ourselves and our families. But the definition of a good life varies from person to person. Some believes it to be spending time with friends and family, some like working, some like travelling, reading books or listening to music or practicing yoga, some like to help others and many other small-small ways that gives them pleasure and being contentment of the idea that they are making best use of their time and money to lead a fulfilling life for themselves and their loved ones. This is true for majority of people like us who are shaping up their dream careers by following their passion in life.


We at Investmen India, is helping people like you in living up your dream the way you want them to be and not the way others want you to live. Now, the question arises how do we do that for you? We are a personal finance guide who help you all to take some of the most important decisions of your life, i.e., managing your money to help you realize your dream. There are several cherished dreams that we all have or want them to have during our lifetime or we better call them as life-stage goals for each one of us. These are those which involves money and our savings that we undertake for them. Some of these common life-stage goals are: -

  • Buying your Dream House or your Dream Car;

  • Planning your kids Higher Education or their Wedding;

  • Starting your business;

  • Planning Ones Retirement;

  • Going on a Family Vacation Abroad;

  • Planning for Contingencies like Job-Losses, Critical illnesses, accidents, etc.;

  • Budgeting and many such similar needs;

All of the above are some of the common goals that we all encounter in our lives and often get stuck because of our negligence or lack of required skills and knowledge to make them happen. Often it is seemingly perceived that we are well in control of all the aspects of our finances and will take on all the future uncertainties that may come across at various points in our lives. But this is seldom true as we are emotional being who are bundled with numerous desires and wants that often derail us from our intended future goals. This has become even more apparent in the present world which is getting disrupted by several smart technologies and applications that tracks our behaviour and daily life patterns. This is where we come and add value to your personal finances and help you meet your goals on time and to your satisfaction.

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