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About Investmen India

Investmen India is an investment distribution concern which believes in spreading happiness to its extended family, with superior investment management solutions, through a gamut of products and services. We believe in offering investment based solution to the savings of individual clients and their unique need and circumstances. We offer these solutions duly customised to the specifics of every client on the parameters of need, age, risk profile, family background, time horizons and many more aspects. However, it calls for quite a detailed analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data before we arrive for any specific solution for any of our clients. As these solutions mature in due course of time, the priceless smile that is visible on their faces and their families makes us feel that we have added some value no matter big or small in fulfilling their long cherished dreams and in spreading happiness all over. This relationship has grown into strong family bonding over time, where we know them and they know us as if we are the part of the same family. With a small but thoroughly committed team of professionals having cumulative experience of over 100 years in BFSI sector makes us deliver to every client’s expectations.

We are an expert of goal based investing where we device solutions for life-stage goals of an individual. Broadly speaking these goals are as follows:-

  • Planning to buy your dream car or your dream house;

  • Planning for your kid’s higher education whether in India or abroad;

  • Planning for their kid’s wedding corpus;

  • Personal retirement planning;

  • Personal and family health and accidental protection planning;

  • Personal life insurance planning for unforeseen circumstances;

  • Personal liabilities planning like loans and advances;

  • Contingency reserves planning; etc.

These all goals occur at various points of their life-stages and hence need a solution duly suitable to the specifics of such goals. We as their investment providers do take care of even their smallest goals and need and suggest investments rightly positioned to address such need of our clients.

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